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By Dr. Joseph Dubroff

We arrange our HCG programs to meet the needs of busy people. Can’t make it to the office? no problem! We will educate you on how to inject at home, while giving you the Doctor’s home number to contact Monday-Sunday for all the support you need!  We are serious about your results!

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Chronic Health Concerns

Dr. Dubroff will carefully examine all symptoms to determine the source of your problem and  design a treatment plan that specifically addresses each individuals  unique medical needs.


Getting Pain Free

Dr Dubroff worked alongside an orthopedic surgeon developing alternatives for drugs and surgery. Prolotherapy to heal & regenerate cartilage, tendons, ligaments and capsules! Sarapin injections to heal nerve pain such as sciatica! Injectable l-arginine to increase circulation and relax tight painful muscles of scoliosis!


HCG Weight Loss

Developed after conception, hCG is a glycoprotein hormone that prevents the ovary from disintegrating and also ensuring that the production of progesterone is sustained.


Better Aging and Athletics

We have all sorts of natural medicines and Injectables to enhance your athletic performance.  Vitamin, mineral, amino acid combination injectables to get you burning at peak.

Dr. Dubroff

Dr. Joseph Dubroff

Dr. Joseph Dubroff specializes in General Naturopathic Medicine, HCG Weight Loss Programs, Prolotherapy-Pain management procedures and athletic/Age Management. He has given many lectures in the community as well as hospital and other medical settings. He has also designed a year long CME course on alternative medical applications for mental health professionals. Dr. Dubroff started his clinical practice in Portland, OR where he served as a preceptor doctor training students in homeopathy for NCNM. 

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